Blood Storm

Khaela Mensha Khaine's blessing


Blood Storm
(True Dhar, Ongoing )

Activation: Spellcraft (Int) – Hard (3), exhaust Khaine’s Blessing

Recharge: N/A (active while Khaine’s Blessing is recharging)

Effect: Red ethereal flames blooms in the air throughout the area around you, siphoning vital essence from targets. Each time you remove a recharge token from this card, each character within the conflagration is struck for damage as described below. For each target affected (up to your rank), you may heal 1 wound, 1 stress or gain 1 power.

Area of effect: All characters engaged. At rank 3, everybody within close range. At rank 5, increase the range to medium.

[Hammer] You summon the Blood Storm, and each strike inflicts (Rank + 1) / 2 wounds, rounded down
[Hammer + Hammer + Hammer] As above, but Rank wounds instead

[Comet] One initial wound is a critical one.

[Chaos Star] Draw 1 wound cards to suffer wounds equal to that critical’s severity. All other creatures within range also suffer that many wounds.


Blood Storm

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